Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The Euston Manifesto

Is, for the first time, launched!

I,, being herein the undersigned, declareth that, having hitherto been underrepresented in the corridors of power, in the first place, agree that good things are mostly beneficial and less things not.

And that these noble sentiments are valid in all times and places. Not like what this bloke said that used to hand out Living Marxism outside the union when I was a student and is still saying it. And in the second place, that this declaration is very important. And solemn.

And thirdly that the tyranny that this bloke has had over the progressive and 'left-leaning' green-red tendency movement and the right-left consensus owing to the poor impression given not least by his bad-smelling trousers as well as his actual views in the minds of unidentified third parties is, by this sign, defeated.

Please accept my apologies for this post. Particularly its shortness. I appear to have accidentally got some political opinions mixed up with Hitchens' whisky sick.

The Euston Manifesto reeks of No 10.

The Left's Big Idea is that whoever controls the resources has the power. That's either unelected millionaires acting in their own interest or the people acting for the common good. Over-simplistic, of course, but the movements of the last 200 years have produced an amalgam of this in which elected governments in about 20 countries do a small part of the people bit in the 'public interest'. It may be liberal or neo-con, but it's directly opposed to the Left.

That's why Euston ignores the issue of globalised capital, except for advocacy of more 'free trade' to bring the poor countries out of poverty. This is a standard No 10 line in which Dr Blair says the medicinal arsenic hasn't produced a cure and so prescribes a bigger dose.

The line on Iraq is another give-away. The Left is currently debating major illegality under international law and the need for war crimes proceedings. And that's before you get on to the breaches of the Geneva Convention mentioned so very selectively in this 'human rights' manifesto. Who but No 10 is hiding behind the fatuous line that the attack on Iraq has merely produced a difference of view on the Left?

Then there' the 'anti-Americanism' section, which sets up not a Man but an entire Continent of Straw. Blair's despatch box technique of misrepresenting any criticism of him as unqualified support for his enemies riddles the paper too.

Blair is a plausible public speaker and proven election winner. However, in argument, he's unsubtle to the point of recklessness, hence the crudity of this latest ploy. As a British PM, he's the worst we've known. The Euston Manifesto aptly characterises the worthlessness of his legacy.
I found it almost too embarrassing to read. It sets itself up as some sort of eternal declaration, but it is transparently nothing more than a tactical jink in the liberal blog commentariat's contact with the critiques of Hitchens et al and his right-spectrum acolytes.

"Hate america". I mean, Jesus. Do these people hate Elvis? Bill Clinton? Wyoming? No. But they want to see Kissinger in jail, keeping the seat warm for his foul spawn.

The guff about 'Democracy' is just laughable. Ask Colonel Dyer; Lieut. Calley; and Dan Mitrione, all of whom were directed by their superiors, supported by the civilian political leadership and feted by their people.

In any case, next time I go to Guatemala I'll present them with the Euston Manifesto by beating them round the head with it shouting 'be DEMOCRATIC, you third world tossers!'
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