Sunday, October 31, 2004


TV can be rubbish shocker

Urged on by the ape, I've just caught by the tail end of Jonathan Dimbleby's two-part ITV series, "The New World War". It would be unfair to pass judgment on the basis of the last five minutes, but I'm sorely tempted. Perhaps next time. Or never.

Now Terry Christian's trying to stir up a pointless argument about "war" with a studio audience. Right now he's talking to a WWII veteran who's wheezing about the defence of democratic values while the man in a cheap suit sat behind him nervously opens and closes his legs. Oh Terry, can't you make them eat a bowlful of toenails or something instead?

Strength 3

Saturday, October 30, 2004


Al Qaeda to win election

Accidentally timed to coincide with bin Laden's intervention into the news cycle and his resurrection as the Jihadist elder statesman with high production values, this is our first post, test-driving the theory that is surely provoking much angry and excited traffic as I write. Just saw Jason Burke on "Newsnight", who concluded a link-up with David Frum and a Democrat pollster with this very thought--more or less. Can't say I wholly believe the theory as stated and don't look forward to the fury and incomprehension that it will elicit, impyling as it does the heretical notion that there's at least one political thought lodged somewhere in bin Laden's brain, but tonight's the first time I've seen an election broadcast in Arabic.

Am reminded of Bruce Anderson's lunacy from earlier this week in The Independent. I can't link it because it's subscription only, but it is entitled "If John Kerry becomes president of the US, Islamic fanatics the world over will celebrate", and begins with the words:
"It might seem to the Iranians that they were dealing with a weak and indecisive president whom they could overawe".
The "might" is a pretty cute concession.

Thursday, October 28, 2004


New Blog

This is a new blog by the Ape and strength3. No posts as yet.

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