Tuesday, April 11, 2006


LGF are Unpleasant, Repulsive: Shock Report

No, this is not hard-hitting investigative journalism.

Check out the post on Rachel Corrie yesterday, entitled "We Got Mail".

It's just astounding. These people have no shame. But we know this. There is some slight relevance in reminding ourselves because LGF themselves still bleat that such criticisms are "smears", as reported on LGF Watch. So here's the process:

1) They pick an email from some hitherto unknown individual that supposedly has unnaceptable attitudes (i.e., indicating solidarity with Rachel Corrie), setting up yet another straw man.

2) They all attack the straw man, and Rachel Corrie.

3) They repeatedly mock the spelling on the email. E.G:
#81 the Space Pope: "Pet peeve #2-Rampant misspelling and using letters for words. Moron."
#37: "me lern engish at yo mamma inner hood skool." (This parody is overtly racist. See point 6.)

4) They then use spelling as follows:
#22 - "commerate" (="commemorate")
#49 - "stange" = "strange"; "anythign" = "anything"; "mamillian"(!?) = "mammallian"(?)

5) Just after a post entitled "Hate Like A Saudi Intellectual", they write like this about Rachel Corrie (#101):

She's dead,
She's flat,
We squashed her like a rat,
rachel bitch
rachel bitch.....

(from many examples on the same theme).

6) They are overtly racist. E.G:

#47 "Corrie got the ultimate Fan!..A Paki! Hurray";
#48 "LLLs and Pakis abbreviate like this."

Nice people! One wonders how many of them are over the age of 18, however. They appear like adolescents who WILL NOT! tidy their rooms, or in this case, their minds.

The issue is only of interest because people with related or similar views seem to have an influence on US foreign policy, and so many around the world have to live with the rubbish.

A strawman is imaginary, like the Rethuglican under your bed. And given your lack of comprehension, this post itself is a strawman.

Nice job, dumbass.
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