Friday, January 27, 2006


BNP versus Jerry Springer

Nice friends, chaps..

It emerges that the BNP have been campaigning alongside the Christian Institute and Christian Voice in their nasty attempt to prevent the performance or distribution of 'Jerry Springer - The Opera'. (IE, the lawful activities of theatrical workers trying to make a living).

Note One: This campaign is NOT trying to argue against people going to see the show or buying the DVD. They have specifically rejected that course in favour of restricting access to it. Christian Institute are clear that it is not good enough when supermarkets withdraw the DVD merely because noone is buying it. Lack of exposure to the evil is to be caused by lack of access to it, to the exclusion of other reasons.

Note Two: One of these organisations is a charity. A disgraceful fact. Do the actors and writers involved share the view of the Charity Commission that the Christian Institute is acting for the public benefit?

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