Monday, October 03, 2005


Limbaugh on Toast

"..whoa, gee, what in the world got in -- what's he saying here? What in the world? Doesn't he know that this is gonna -- doesn't he know people aren't gonna -- doesn't he know that he's setting himself up here? Listen to what he said next. That was not reported.."

Media Matters for America have Limbaugh on toast, as he trys to go on the attack to defend Bill Bennett for his comments on abortion ("you could abort every black baby in this country and your crime rate would go down. ")

"What he said next" was reported, of course.

Limbaugh's rant is astonishing. MMA only print the last portion. Here's some other highlights:

"I want to start with this Bill Bennett business because there's a lot more to this than meets the eye. People say things every day in this country that nobody hears or reads. I read things on the Internet on both sides of the aisle that are simply outrageous, but if I don't tell you about them or if somebody doesn't warn you about it, you don't see it, it may as well never have happened. There is a movement in this country. It is a movement. It's not just a phenomenon. It is a movement. The movement's called political correctness, and political correctness is a purposeful obstacle. It is set by liberals to impede the truth. Political correctness is there to make sure that liberals don't have to hear certain truths that they don't want to hear, that contradict their world view. That's precisely what political correctness is. Political correctness is an assault on the First Amendment. It is an assault on the whole concept of freedom of speech.."

"..There are certain things that you cannot think, particularly and especially if they happen to be truthful. If that truth offends the sensibilities of liberals who have created political correctness.."

Yes, Rush, I agree. (I can only assume that, by 'political correctness' he means 'correctness' and by 'the truth' and 'truthful' he means 'preposterous streams of drivel'. Otherwise this just doesn't make sense. He goes on:

"This is the foundation of the civil rights movement, folks. The foundation of the civil rights movement is that this country is unfair and unjust by its very structure! By its very existence as put together and assembled by the Founding Fathers."

Once again, in full agreement with Rush, as I tend to think that slavery was sort-of-unjust. That'll be my correctness. (How many slaves did the founding fathers & mothers own? When did women get to vote?)

He goes on (and on..) about Liberals:

"They don't listen to Bill Bennett. They don't listen to me. They don't listen to Sean Hannity. They don't listen to anybody else on the radio. They read this hack little website that is paid for by George Soros and other Democrats and contributors, and it becomes a source authority for them. It features many things taken out of context. Purposefully, to create what has just happened with Bill Bennett. It's all part of the left's machinery that is in place to do what I have been saying for the longest time. They can't defeat us in the arena of ideas.

"They cannot get into the arena and debate liberalism versus our conservatism and win. Their whole modus operandi is to discredit people who are conservative and on the right, so that they do not have the influence that they have had or do have because it is changing minds and changing hearts in this country. It is a panic and fear-oriented operation just as is most of the left's ginned-up activist group organization today. They're rooted in fear, they're the cornered vermin, the cornered rats and they find themselves swirling down into the abyss.

This from a man credited with the invention of 'nonguested confrontation'!

What's supposed to be worse, "not listening to Sean Hannity", or being "cornered vermin"? I'll take both.

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