Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Your People Less Plagued By Demons

Regular readers of this blog might have detected a certain emphasis on the more worrying aspects of religion in public life. You may even have turned your nose up at our apparently parochial concerns.

I am therefore delighted to take this opportunity to redress the balance by reporting on the first positive campaign message of the year. The big church in Peckham next to Netto has mastered the subtleties of modern PR, while eschewing the smear tactics of the mainstream parties, with its new slogan, "Lifting all curses". Beat that Saatchi.

"Noto Swing" Beat

Is this perhaps affiliated to the United Church of the Kingdom of God?

Here they are:

Please note that this bunch,with their "Healing Days" ("12 Healers on the Day!")

ARE A REGISTERED CHARITY. ie, Government policy and law think that these activites deserve special tax status and are 'for the public benefit. (Whereas fighting against the extinction of species, or for human rights, for example, are not.

UCKG dont charge for the events. [Despite which, they also have a wonderful contractual disclaimer on the medicine-show flyers, "..UCKG.. does not claim to heal people but believes that God can through the power of faith.."

This disclaimer is a great example of 'holding the pencil'. (Hold a pencil. Say, "I am not holding a pencil". Put down the pencil. Say "Of course, I have always opposed the holding of pencils").

They do claim to heal people. That's why they have '12 healers on the day'. That's why "14 year knee pains are gone!"]

However, they have pretty substantial funds: £6m pa

Please note also that Victoria Climbie's murderers were associated with the group, and neither God nor the 12 healers managed to heal her when her nutjob killers brought her there:

Instead of 'healing' people like Victoria; this 'charity' could spend its £6m on feeding 75,000 AIDS orphans in Africa.

When the Charity Law changes, secularists must actively pursue the claim that such organisations are NOT for the public benefit.
Apologies - I meant UNIVERSAL Church of the Kingdom of God.

It is the same body.. grown from strength to strength since God decided he couldn't be bothered to heal little 'Anna' Climbie. ("Important Knee Pains requiring attention" apparently).

You'll be pleased to hear that it's not just curses and sickness (child abuse excepted) that these holy motherfuckers can address:

Problems: Solving debts, unemployment, court cases,
immigration, etc. Bring your CV, letters, passport, etc to be prayed over."

" 7am & 10am Learning how to be prosperous
3pm Quit Any Addiction therapy
7pm Therapy of Love for relationships - singles
and engaged."
They cured this woman of her servitude to Satan:
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