Thursday, March 24, 2005


The Schiavo Case - No, I don't know anything about it.

Yes, I'm still going to comment

Ignoring the case itself (John Cole has given really excellent coverage if you want to know), I'd like to record some of the thoughts of our Conservative & Republican friends.

Interestingly, a large proportion of their thoughts are not concerned with medico-philosophical questions about brain-death & legal guardianship but, rather, with a political philosophy called "liberalism" which is adhered to by creatures called 'Democrats'. It turns out that this is not a very nice political philosophy at all.

Here's our old friend, twice-divorced drug-addict Rush Limbaugh:

"Liberalism has turned morality wholly on its head. A friend of mine who is a Catholic wrote a note this morning. "This is what we mean by the culture of death, old boy. Everything turns inside out and upside down". So we've peered into the heart and center of liberalism this week. It has been deeply revealing; it has been stomach-turning at the same time. But make no mistake, folks, I understand how tough it's going to be to change minds on something like this. You know why the culture of death is fairly entrenched? Because the culture of death resides now in every family's desire for convenience and pleasure, not to be burdened by some sick family member."

And professional moron Michael Savage (ne Wiener):

"The radical Democratic left is an army of the living dead. They live in a world of death and try to impose it on we the living. Witness who led the charge: a radical homosexual Barney Frank. A radical abortion Mafiosa, Barbara Boxer. What is difficult for we the living to comprehend is the reason they can engage in such anti-life abominations is because they have no souls. They have said that the tears of Terri Schiavo are mechanical. They have said that her smile is reflexive. They can rip an emerging child from the womb, murder it, and call this a compassionate act. Like Mengele – the doctor of death from the Nazi concentration camps - the radical, soulless Democrats keep referring to “the doctors,” as if a medical degree guaranteed humanity. Therefore, choose life. God bless George W. Bush."

Tom DeLay, Republican Majority Leader in the House of Representatives & 3-time House Ethics Committee Rebukee is fighting this very same evil on the steps of Capitol Hill itself!

"The few, objecting House Democrats have so far cost Mrs. Schiavo two meals already today.."

Tom is too busy fighting the Culture of Soul-Death even to defend himself against all the stupid accusations that are being levelled against him personally! Such sacrifice. What a great guy.

That's because he hates Nazis & Creatures Without Souls. Like he really hates it when people bet on Jai Alai on the internet.

I mean, that's the kind of thing that has to be stamped out whether or not you've received 2 cheques of $25K each via an intermediary from the gambling lobby to vote against a Bill which regulates internet gambling. And even if the legislation that you subsequently vote does not prohibit it.

"BUT!.." (I hear you cry) "..How can it have happened that so many of the judiciary have been infected by this disease (and yet still imagine that they are interpreting the law?) "

Obviously, former president Bill Clinton is to blame. August J Pollak explains. (Check it out. Very funny.)

But Pollack is then captured by the soul-dead liberal nazis and therefore refers to the entirely irrelevant fact that the parents of Terri Schiavo are working with a terrorist.

My only advice to these brave warriors is to go for the neck and try to sever the spinal cord. I think I saw that in a movie.

FOR MORE ON SCHIAVO: Perhaps the most significant aspect of the case is the staggering hypocrisy of the Republican pandering for religious votes. Bush signed legislation in Texas authorising hospitals to do almost exactly the same thing as Schiavo's legal guardian wants to do. Note that the GOP are also proposing Tort Deform legislation that would prevent victims of malpractice suing for the kind of money that may be necessary to keep them alive in such cases. Mark Kleiman has covered all this.

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