Tuesday, February 01, 2005


One Pseudo-Science Debunked..

The triangles of Death

Hopefully, graphology will not recover from this embarassment: Handwriting experts were invited to say what a sheet of notes, largely comprised of single words in boxes, said about the supposed author, Tony Blair. They said lots of things. Mostly bad. And resulted in some remarkably accurate observations. Except that Bill Gates had made the note.

This reminds me of the Daily Mirror publishing pages of script from the pen of Rosemary West, the serial killer. A learned graphologist explained that the loops above the 'd's were indicative of pschopathology. I guess it's a little harder when you don't already know everything you want to know about the subject.

I like the BBC's summary:

"The British Psychological Society ranks graphology alongside astrology - giving them both "zero validity" in determining someone's character. "

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