Friday, January 07, 2005


Inferior Races Lack Language Skills - According to Rush

Limbaugh seems to be getting more and more deranged. The post on his site today about how Democrats 'defend terrorists' by opposing torture is vile enough.

Now look at the way he represents the speech of Barack Obama, Democratic Senator for Illinois, during a very long post (warning: this link won't be there for long). I've added the previous two speakers for context:

CALLER: Well, I would hope so. I'd like to think that there's a large part
of the country that still doesn't wake up in the morning and decide, you
know, what's the politically correct way to go to bathroom this morning so I keep my poll numbers up. Some people I think like the president see further down the road
than a lot of these people, particularly some of these Democrats who claim
they've got the people's interests at heart when really all they want to do
is just pander to a handful of people to get money and get reelected. That's
the only thing they'll really worried about.

RUSH: Yeah, well, they're pandering too a fewer and fewer number of people
and a kookier and kookier bunch of people at the same time. Look, I gotta
run here. I want to warn you, Neil. We're going to go back to sound boarding
here, but I want to hear this. The savior of the Democratic Party, newly
elected senator from Illinois, Barak Obama is now speaking on voting
irregularities in Ohio.

OBAMA: -- and women, uh, could not vote and yet, uh, over the course of
decades, she had participated in broadening our democracy and ensuring that in
fact, uh, at some point, uh, if not herself, then her grandchildren and her
great-grandchildren, uh, would be in a position in which they could, uh, too,
call themselves citizens of the United States and make certain that this
government, uh, works not just on behalf of the mighty and the powerful, but
also on behalf of people like her.

RUSH: They cannot can't get over the class envy stuff.

OBAMA: Uh, and so the fact that she voted and that her vote was counted,
uh, in this election was of supreme importance to her, and it is the memory of
talking to her and shaking her hand that causes me to rise, uh, on this

That Obama guy sure has trouble getting his words out! Probably because he's a foreign devil.

But hang on. Maybe not.. The transcript is also on Rush's site, at the top of the page. As a sample, skip to the end and listen to what Rush says before Obama speaks. Don't you hear those long 'eeeer's?.. And that caller, what about his 'er's?

It seems that Obama wasn't the only one who made non-verbal vocalizations. But he was the only one Rush recorded. Probably he doesn't like Obama, and wants to make him sound like a fool! Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton are also in the transcript. And they also hesitated in their speech. But even they don't get this treatment. So what's going on?

Rush is clearly attempting to undermine the obvious fact of Obama's eloquence through old-fashioned racial prejudice.

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