Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Climate Change: Excellent Site


EG, post on climate change 'consensus', recommended by Balta

Worth reading in its entirety, but here's two quotes which relate to recent posts:

"The main points that most would agree on as "the consensus" are:
1) The earth is getting warmer (0.6 +/- 0.2 oC in the past century; 0.1 oC/decade over the last 30 years (see update)) [ch 2]
2) People are causing this [ch 12] (see update)
3) If GHG emissions continue, the warming will continue and indeed accelerate [ch 9]
4) (This will be a problem and we ought to do something about it)
I've put those four points in rough order of certainty.

"The skeptic attitude to consensus usually starts with "there is no consensus". That's wrong, and they usually retreat from it to "but consensus science is meaningless", and/or "consensus has nothing to do with science". The latter is largely true but irrelevant.

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