Sunday, December 26, 2004


Thank Christ for Patrick J Buchanan!

In this festive season, be thankful that Pat is still defending us from those awful liberals! Now this is staunch:

"Now Macy's has stopped using the phrase "Merry Christmas" in all store
advertising, replacing it with what Macy's calls the more inclusive "Season's
Greetings" and "Happy Holidays." But how is it "inclusive" to exclude the
Christians' greeting? Is that not anti-Christian?

.. Who is trying to kill Christmas? It needs to be said. What we are
witnessing here are hate crimes against Christianity."

What the Ape finds particularly disgraceful is liberals filling up kids with this god-hating [and/or non-denominational] muck. Like George Bush.

What the Jesus H Christ is he on?! "The Holidays are a wonderful and exciting time at the White House." It's the birth of baby Jesus that's exciting to me, you fucker.

I hate liberals. HATE them! HATE THEM!

The basic tactic of the GOP and their cheerleaders is the 'liberal' strawman. A person/ 'liberal' somewhere (in Germany maybe) is supposed to have said or done something a little kooky and ordinary/ decent/ god-fearing/ heterosexual/ bipedal Americans are under threat in a manner that is as serious as it is mysterious. In general, the liberals you've really got to watch out for are 'scientists', and the ones who respond to surveys.

As a rather 'liberal' monkey, the Ape does of course spend every spare moment trying to replace the word 'Christmas' with almost anything at all. But, as the RNC made clear in one of my favorite moments of 2004, only when he's finished banning the bible.

Merry Christmas!

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