Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Thank you Murdoch

Just in case anyone was too dim to appreciate the import of the Bush-Blair summit and their pronouncements on the Palestinians' obligations towards democracy, the hard-right Jerusalem Post spells it all out:

"Bush and Blair have told the Palestinians that this is their chance to join the side of freedom and democracy, or be left behind."

So, it's official: the main reason why it's just fine to slaughter Palestinians and steal their land is because, well, they're savages who just don't measure up democracy-wise. Expect more riffing on this theme and its relative major; i.e., that we're so great and peaceful because we're democratic.


Which Palestinians have been instructed to join 'peace and democracy'? it's quite a difficult challenge for the stateless ones. you might as well ask them to join Manchester United. it's a practical impossibility - simple impediments like the absence of a census (without going so far as to mention the absence of recognition as a people or nation) make it more than difficult; ie; impossible.
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