Monday, November 29, 2004


Part 2: The Tribunal of Reason

I'll get on to something that has actually happened recently in a little while (scroll down to find out what I'm on about). But first some more background. Earlier in the year The Observer got its hands on an e-mail sent to the press secretaries of Repulican congressmen in February, advising them that

"global warming has not been proved, air quality is 'getting better', the world's forests are 'spreading, not deadening', oil reserves are 'increasing, not decreasing', and the 'world's water is cleaner and reaching more people'."

The same story re-quoted a leaked memo from 2002 by Republican party stretegist Frank Luntz, which warned:

"'The scientific debate is closing (against us) but not yet closed. There is still a window of opportunity to challenge the science.'" (Antony Barnett, 'Secret email gives advice on denying climate change', The Observer, 4 April 2004; p. 22)

And yesterday The Observer reported on today's publication of the International Policy Network's apparently "long-awaited" report on climate change, which, true to form, says that it's a myth and continues the abuse of David King, who is now

"an embarrassment to himself and an embarrassment to his country."

Good to learn that one of the tastier fruits of our special relationship is constant public humiliation of one of our leading civil servants by obvious quacks. Stiff upper lip, David.

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