Monday, November 08, 2004


Endless war

Frank Gaffney, the most high-profile neo-con to have written since the election, has spelled out his foreign policy wish list in National Review Online (commentary by Jim Lobe, for Inter Press Service, here or here). Nothing really new from Gaffney, except for more open hostility towards China and Russia (see more Jane's for Chinese plans to secure supplies of African oil, which will surely create tensions with the US, whose domestic consumption has not relied on middle east oil as much as western Europe, contrary to a lot of careless blah).

People who have entertained the hope that any nation is in for healing any time soon would do well to read.

It's tempting to dismiss the neo-cons as irrelevant bogeymen or idiot dreamers in suits, especially since about September 2003, when most of them went to ground or denied that they'd ever heard of each other. However, what with Frum and Perle's fantasist An End to Evil earlier this year, they obviously haven't abandoned their ambitious antipathy towards reality.

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