Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Dear And Glorious Reader

We have not forgotten you. But Fallujah is languishing in the business pages, Blair is preparing to reap that Baghdad bounce, the news is carrying nothing but Home Office press releases and I've not been at work. And besides, there've been other things to do.

Jane's, source of everything true but not beautiful, reports in the latest "Foreign Report" that in October China deployed 10,000 troops to its border with North Korea
"amid speculation that there was going to be a mass deflection [sic.] by North Korean soldiers."
The deployment

"has been taken as a sign that even Beijing is preparing for an end game in North Korea."

Perhaps China will adopt its own preventive doctrine before the warning comes in the shape of a mushroom cloud in Shanghai. Meanwhile, Reuters in Beijing reports an unnamed Western diplomat based in Pyongyang, as saying that (not direct quotation):
"while there were still many portraits (of Kim Jong-il) on display, some had been removed from public meeting halls."

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